Spoken Navigation for your iPhone
Available on the iTunes App Store

AudioCompass is a navigation tool for those who wish to focus on their walk more than their phone screen, or those with vision problems who could use some extra help navigating.​​​​​​

AudioCompass provides a low-distraction way to navigate without the need to even look at the screen: point the phone forward and touch anywhere on the display to read back the current compass direction through the speaker or headphones. Slide your finger forward on the screen and GPS will find your location and announce the closest street.

​AudioCompass also provides a simple, high-contrast compass display. On-screen readouts show degree markers from 0-360 and 8-point compass designations (North, North-West, and so on). Abbreviated compass headings are also shown in large type.​

Navigation is based on the accuracy provided by GPS and compass sensors which may vary depending on your surroundings; keep this in mind when using this application. Keep safe and don't use the app in any situation where the distraction of using the phone may be dangerous.

App Screenshot: point phone for finding direction, tap or slide finger to speak